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Mental Performance Consulting

As a Mental Performance Consultant and student member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA), Cassie is aiming to assist individuals, teams, and organizations realize their potential and reach their sport, exercise, and health goals. She conducts her work by taking a person-centered approach in which self-realization and actualization play important roles. She firmly believes that training the mind for sport, exercise, and health can be crucial to optimism and performance increases. 

Currently, Cassie is conducting her internship and will be offering mental performance consultation, for free, in a variety of contexts. She is offering consultation as a one-on-one service, in the form of group sessions, as well as through mental skill workshops. 

Focuses can include, but are not limited to: 
- Attention and distraction control
- Time management
- Goal-setting
- Commitment
- Motivation
- Imagery and mental practice
- Stress and emotion management
- Team building
- Communication
- Self-Talk
- Confidence building
- Self-regulation
- Relaxation
- Leadership

Cassie Seguin

Mental Performance Consultant studying at the University of Ottawa, completing her Master of Human Kinetics degree.